Taranaki Rugby - Cockies Club

The Cockies Club is a group of members from the rural community who donate cull cow(s) with proceeds going to support the development of local talent in the region.

Farmers can donate as little as one cull cow and in return receive Yarrows Taranaki Bulls tickets, merchadise and hospitality. Donated livestock can be processed through your chosen meatworks.

As a 2023 member of the Taranaki Rugby Cockies Club, you will receive the following benefits per cow donation: 

  • 2x corporate hospitality tickets (food and beverages included) for one TBC Yarrows Taranaki Bulls match at Yarrow Stadium
  • 2x grandstand tickets (premium location) to all Yarrows Taranaki Bulls home matches at Yarrow Stadium
  • 2x Yarrows Taranaki Bulls merchandise
  • Exculsive invitations to Taranaki Rugby Member events 
  • Recognised as a Taranaki Rugby Cockies Club member on www.trfu.co.nz ​​​​​​​

To donate a cull cow contact Alice Marshall today:

2023 Cockies Club Current Leaderboard (largest donations):

1st Place: Simon, Amanda, Liam and Maddy Drought

2nd Place: P/D Waite Trust

3rd Place: Kevin Proffit

4rd Place: Joe Lawn

5th Place: Coastal Connections 

2023 Taranaki Rugby Cockies Club Members:

Craig & Steph Livingstone

Paddy Stevenson

Natasha and Brenden Hintz

Simon and Lisa Lynskey

Airport Farm Trust

Simon and Amanda Drought

Liam and Maddy Drought

Ian and Robyn Marshall (Bushy Park Ltd)

Kevin and Robyn Barrett

Kilivarig Trust (Leo Crowley)

Chris and Meisje Tippett

Andy and Karen Slater

Coastal Connections 

Shane/Vern Cleaver

Joe Lawn

Paul and Bernadette Bourke

Shaun Kalin

Stapleford farms | Tim Dorn

PD Waite Trust

Aaron Tosland / Tosland Partnership

Mark & Vicky Trolove

Tony Potroz

Simon Payne

Poharu 2020 Ltd (Graham Mourie)

Mike & Wendy Erb (Walter Gold Ltd)

Andrew Tippett

Sam Hughson

Sharyn & Danny Hurley

Richie Walker

Kevin Proffit

Kent Helms

Claire (P&B) Bourke

Anthony Maxwell

Ross & Piki Sinclair

Brent & Christine Sole