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Welcome to the new online resource page for referees in Taranaki. 

This is a one-stop-shop for resources relating to local competition bylaws, New Zealand Rugby and World Rugby resources, documents, appointments, training and development schedules and much more. 

This will be continued to be developed and uploaded as information comes to hand. 

For more information, please contact Ray Hopkinson email: taranakirefs@gmail.com


Click here to view the TRRA training and development schedule for 2021.


Click here to visit the New Zealand Referees resource page

Click here to view the New Zealand Rugby Domestic Safety Law Variations

Click here to view the New Zealand Rugby Community Rugby Priorities

Click here to view the Taranaki club rugby variations 

Click here to view the Taranaki secondary school variations

Click here to view the mounthguard policy


Click here to watch the 2018/2019 World Rugby Sevens Series Referee Technical Video​​​​​​​


Click on the links below to access law resources:

2021 Law Exam

We encourage all members to sit their law exam on an annual basis.  This is an online exam so can be completed at any time to suit your circumstances.  You have 3 opportunities to achieve a pass within each six month period (1 Oct - 31 Mar & 1 April to 30 Sept).  

70%+ = Achievement, 80%+ = Merit, 90%+ = Excellence.

If you don't have access to a computer (or reliable WIFI), please contact Rob Lord (rob.lord100@gmail.com) and he can make alternative arrangements.  Rob can also organise a reader/writer to assist you with the exam if required.

To access the law exam, click here. 

Note that this is different than previous years with more initial steps but no need to enter in a code. Refs who sat the exam last year can use the same user log-on & password.

Once you've passed your exam you will see a percentage mark on the screen.  Please take a picture of this and send this through to Rob Lord so they can verify your pass.

Sample Law Questions & Answers

Sample Questions Paper 1                         

Sample Answers Paper 1

Sample Questions Paper 2                         

Sample Answers Paper 2

Sample Questions Paper 3                         

Sample Answers Paper 3

Sample Questions Paper 4                         

Sample Answers Paper 4

Sample Questions Paper 5                         

Sample Answers Paper 5