Taranaki Rugby - Concussion


Concussion can occur when a player receives an impact to the head or body that causes the brain to move inside the skull.

If a player is knocked out or loses consciousness they have obviously sustained a concussion, but it is important to remember that a person can be concussed without losing consciousness.

See below for information from New Zealand Rugby around concussion management and awareness as well as a couple of case studies from Taranaki players Shane Cleaver and Blade Thomson.

New Zealand Rugby Players' Association Concussion Protocol Flyer

An overview of concussion in rugby from facts through to recovery management. 

Rugby Smart Concussion Awareness Information

Information on how to deal with concussion if you are on the scene during a representative, secondary school or junior match.

Shane Cleaver 47 Taranaki Caps: "The day the dream ended"

Former Taranaki prop Shane Cleaver says he didn't want to admit the seriousness of his concussion problems for fear of having to call time on his rugby career.

Blade Thomson: Rewarded for his cautious return from concussion

In May 2015 Blade Thomson made a return to rugby after a six week after battling the effects of delayed concussion after a head knock against the Highlanders on March the 20th in Dunedin. Thomson could have fudged his symptoms but after seeing a number of team mates suffer serious concussions of late he decided to take as long as it he needed to come fully right.