new plymouth coast walkway (C Rob Tucker)

An Outstanding Location for Your International Academy Experience

We look forward to welcoming you to Taranaki. It’s a lot more than you may have been expecting and who knows, you may end up loving it so much you just keep coming back for more!

A relatively undiscovered region, Taranaki offers a treasure trove of adventure opportunities. Centrally located on the North Island’s West Coast, Taranaki is less than an hour by air or a scenic 4.5 hour drive from Auckland or Wellington. A direct flight also links New Plymouth with Christchurch.

The moment you touch down at New Plymouth Airport or glimpse Mount Taranaki’s picture-perfect peak as you drive into the province, you’ll relax into a legendary region that is just far enough away from the distractions of everyday life.

From its sparkling surf and lush landscape to its rich history, vibrant events and proudly innovative spirit, Taranaki will present you with countless opportunities for an adventure ‘like no?other’.

Beneath the Mountain’s iconic peak are countless amazing stories, adventures, people, businesses and experiences just waiting to be explored.

“With its rich history, stunning natural setting and laid-back ambience, Taranaki offers everything you need for a fantastic time during your stay.”

mt taranaki in summer

surfer on taranaki beach