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Kurt Baker

Position Full Back, wing
Number 15
Born 7 Oct 1988
Height 183cm
Weight 94kg

Nickname(s): Krut

Current age: 24

What position(s) do you play? Fullback/wing

What do you usually eat for breakfast on a game day? 3 Poached eggs and spaghetti

What high school did you attend? Palmerston North Boys

Where were you born? Palmerston North

What was your favourite subject at school? Sports science

Who was your favourite rugby player growing up? Christian Cullen

Who has had the biggest influence on your rugby career? Parents

What’s your favourite thing to do on a day off? Golf

If you weren’t playing rugby what would you be doing? Policeman

What’s your goal for the 2013 season? To win TIM cup


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